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Virtual Global Internship Agreement

This internship agreement is made on between (Partner) and (Intern).


The internship begins on and ends on

Work assignments

The purpose of the internship is to give the interns skills and competences as well as organizational and personal knowledge regarding the field in which he/she is studying.

The intern will handle the following assignments:

The Partner is obliged to instruct the intern about rules and regulations, including work and communication routines. The Intern is obliged to follow these rules and regulations applying to the rest of the employees. Partner will evaluate the internship and revise the work assignments if necessary.


The Intern is obliged to follow any instructions and regulations given by the Partner in the company or by the company management during the internship.

  • The knowledge, which the Intern requires on internal relations in the company, e.g. business, special knowhow and performance cannot be shared with other people and companies.
  • After the internship has ended, the Intern has to complete an internship report for the Partner to evaluate. The report will be part of the Partner’s and Organizer’s archive.
  • The Intern and Partner can only publish the report or parts of it after a written agreement with mutual consensus.

Completion and outcomes of internship

  • This internship programme has to complete in THREE months. Please notify Foster Worldwide if the work assignment has been extended.
  • Internship certificates and sample work reference letters will be provided by Foster Worldwide. Partners must provide an e-signature and work reference letter within 2-week after the completion of the 90 hours internship.
  • Partners are responsible for providing orientation and final evaluation. An evaluation form will be sent to Partners.

If the agreement has failed to be fulfilled, all involved parties can annul the contract immediately. Termination of the contract has to be in writing to the other parties. The resigning party equally has to inform the organizer in writing.

Reference Letter

No recommendation available.

Internship Certification

No certificate available.

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