Program Details

Foster Worldwide is the pioneer to launch the Virtual Global Internship Program. This Program combines the innovative idea of working from home and overseas internships.

Features of 90-hour of Virtual Global Internship

  • Interns would be matched with an overseas corporate
  • Interns receive vocational trainings & up-to-date career information
  • Companies would outsource daily job tasks to interns
  • Interns have career guidance from mentors (Founder/CEO/young professionals)
  • Both sides communicate via virtual methods regularly

Why Foster Worldwide

Foster Worldwide is the pioneer in providing Virtual Global Internship with extensive partnerships

As a pioneer in providing Virtual Global Internship, we have successfully collaborated with more than 20 universities and 170 companies from over 60 countries and cities to provide placement and training to 5,000 youths worldwide to boost their employability.

Foster Worldwide is an award-winning EdTech company

We not only receive numerous awards such as the Hong Kong Science Park Ideation Fund, HKFYG Inno Impact Award as well as Good Seed SIE Fund, but also feature in the news media including HK01, South China Morning Post, Youth Hong Kong Magazine and more.

Foster Worldwide provides an all-in-one platform with personalized career education to young individuals

By advocating for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Quality Education, our mission is to foster the next generation to become young global leaders by providing quality Career Education and Virtual Global Internship. To achieve that, we offer fresh feedback and monitor interns’ progress regularly to promote constant learning.


  • Develop essential future skills in the 21st century
  • Gain practical work experience flexibly
  • Achieve self-actualization through exploring own talents and potentials
  • Widen international exposure with global vision
  • Extend professional network in a much affordable and flexible way
  • Nurture future young talents as they are well-equipped with appropriate skill sets
  • Save time and cost by accessing streamlined recruiting funnels
  • Empower young people around the globe